Masking tape – Box quantity varies per tape width

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    HSTM masking tape is a pressure sensitive self adhesive tape which made out of treated crepe paper and coated with natural rubber solvent adhesive. General purpose masking tape is generally used for packaging, sealing of small containers, and household painting, to mask off places that should not be painted. The household masking tape is made of a weaker crepe paper and lower coated weight and grade adhesive. Masking tape shielding purpose mainly refers to the household interior decoration painting, car paint shield, shoe shielding, metal shielding and others. Masking tape should be pasted on the boundary of ready to paint part. Firstly, working in various temperature requirements, shielding requirements varies greatly, like ambient temperature, medium temperature and high temperature. It is important to make choices based on specific use; Secondly, different viscosity requirements, can be divided into low-viscosity, medium viscosity and high viscosity. Lastly, there are some needs like anti UV, water and other functions. Please make sure to choose products according to use, otherwise prone to abnormal use of the process. There are various colors available to choose from, which are natural, white, yellowish, blue, green, red and so on. Generally, nature color is the standard color for household masking tape. For all different types of masking tape please go to the main masking tape menu.