Clear tape

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  • 48mm x 50M  –  Box of 36 rolls (Price is per box)
  • 48mm x 100M  –  Box of 36 rolls (Price is per box)
  • 48mm x 1000M  –  Box of 6 rolls (Price is per box)



Clear tape is another name for HSTM clear packaging tape, which is made out of Biaxially-Oriented Polypropylene film and coated with water acrylic adhesive through the coating and oven process. It has the similar function of general packaging tape that made for household usage and general purpose packaging. The clear tape has a clear advantage of better-looking packing on any color of carton due to its natural transparent feature which will go with any colors of the box. The clear tape has slightly better adhesion than other types of color tape due to pure adhesive coating with no other color paste mix with it. Clear tape is arguably the most utilized tape around the world.

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