Craft Glue -box of 72pc

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    COMMON NAMES: Craft Glue, White Paper Glue, White Glue, Art And Craft Glue. White craft glue is a type of adhesives used widely in school projects, arts & crafts, household, industrial, hobbies, and other crafting. From standard glue used in classrooms, to specialized glues for particular handicrafts are referring to this type of glue. Craft Glue is suitable for paper, cardboard, wood and fabric. Ideal for school projects, DIY jobs and all your art and craft endeavors. The general school white glue comes in stick and fluid forms. Such adhesives can be used on paper, wood, fabric, foam, and some types of plastic. This type glue intended for children because of nontoxic, non-caustic, it is easy to clean and does not bond skin. Cautions: Avoid eye contact and ingestion. Children should use this product under adult supervision.
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