Glue stick carded – Box quantity varies per glue stick size

  • Application:
    The HSTM Glue Stick consists of a white solid glue substance supplied in a push up tube. Ideal for office and craft work where users wish to minimise the mess from traditional glue methods. Its user friendly screw up and cap design prevents your hands from being in contact with the glue during application. Glue sticks also make it so much easier to clean up. Our units are user friendly, economical and they are popular in school and office use. The HSTM glue stick has a multipurpose application that bonds effectively with different types of paper, cardboard and display board. It is relatively safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and acid-free, making it suitable for use by young children. Our glue sticks are available in compact and economical sizes and are available at most stationery stores.