Glue Stick -box of 384pc

  • Application:
    HSTM glue sticks are the perfect no-fuss adhesive solution for everyone from scrap-booking enthusiasts to students, artists and teachers. Simply pop it in your briefcase, pencil bag, handbag or kitchen drawer and have it on hand in a flash when something needs a spot of sticking down.HSTM has been manufacturing quality glue sticks since 1986 and have managed to come up with the perfect way to quickly, cleanly and accurately affix everything from paper to cardboard and photographs. The formula for the glue has been fine-tuned for years and the packaging was ergonomically designed to allow for smooth, even application. Just one little swipe of the glue stick wand and you’ll be good to go.Have you ever encountered the frustration of a glue stick that simply doesn’t have enough staying power or, even worse, glues itself shut after the first use? Not to worry, these are the very things the HSTM lab magicians took into account when designing these handy little adhesive lifesavers.
    HSTM glue sticks are available both loose and in blister packs, and come in three sizes (10g, 20g and 40g), allowing consumers and merchants some freedom of choice when it comes to their preferred packaging.