Insulation tape – Box of 200 rolls

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HSTM insulation tape is a pressure sensitive self-adhesive tape, which use high-quality Poly Vinyl Chloride backing and coated with specially formulated solvent adhesive. HSTM insulation tape is flame retardant that is different from general insulation tape that you can obtain in public. Due to the flame retardant trait, which makes the applying of the tape safer. High elongation trait of the tape makes applying of insulation tape more easy and effective. We are the only few that provides a choice of a wide variety of colours, from black, white, red, blue, green and yellow. The black colour is the most commonly used insulation tape in South Africa. Another common name for insulation tape is electrical tape. It’s designed for connecting separated electrical wires for electrically insulating, protection purposes and colour coding. There are different specification available to cater to your unique requirement. There is 180 mic thickness insulation tape it naturally provides a higher stretching ability which gives better long term insulation effectiveness. Lenses are available in 10 to 20 meters. Try on electrician’s most recommended insulation tape.

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