Masking tape carded – Box quantity varies per tape width

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  • Application:You’d never guess it, but the story of the invention of masking tape is one of perseverance, innovation and a healthy dollop of disrespect for uninformed authority.Back in the 1920s a gentleman named Dick Drew was working for a company that manufactured and marketed abrasives, with a particular focus on sandpaper. Although many people may scoff at the industry as being subjectively boring, it was anything but. In those days they didn’t have the technology we enjoy today and producing products that answered complicated customer needs required creative thinking and lots of experimentation.One serendipitous afternoon, Mr Drew lugged a new batch of sandpaper to a mechanic shop where he knew a few lads, to have them test it out. He arrived to find them all in a flurry of frustration. At the time two-tone cars had just come into fashion and the auto body guys were having a lot of trouble getting the paint jobs right. It turns out that the adhesive tape they had at their disposal was too strong – when they removed it, it would pull the paint right off.This is when Mr Drew happened upon the idea for masking tape, a type of adhesive that would cling lightly, yet effectively, and could be removed without damaging the area beneath. He started experimenting with fervour and just starting getting results when his boss threw a spanner in the wheels by suggesting that he stop playing around and get back to the business of improving their main product: sandpaper.Luckily for us, Dick Drew wasn’t a man who stops something just because he is told to do so. He continued to use the lab at night and eventually found the perfect formula for masking tape; the very formula the products we use today are based on!Just goes to show, if you have a passion you should follow it. Even it happens to be masking tape.