Stationery tape – Box quantity varies per tape width

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STATIONERY TAPE : Also known as “Cellophane Tape” or “Sticky Tape”, stationery tape is used for general purposes and it can be found in most offices nowadays. This multi-purpose tape is small and compact, easy to use and it comes in handy for fixing torn paper or for a variety of crafts and similar paper-related projects. The stationery tapes are very economical and they are made from polypropylene along with acrylic adhesive.

The stationery tape is omnipresent in offices all around the world, and it is perfect for creating scrapbooks and school projects, for reinforcing documents, light mending or packaging, sealing, gift wrapping, photo projects and even archival applications. At the same time, the stationery tape is suitable for art class projects and even for sealing small containers.

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